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Day 1

June 29, 2022

Session 1:

Registration - Breakfast and Visit with Exhibitors


Visit Exhibitors

Welcome and Introduction
Coast Guard Great Lakes Center of Expertise for Oil Spill Response

Jerry Popeil, USCG
Session 3:
breakout sessions
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA's) Emergency Response Division: Environmental Response Management Application (ERMA) and Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) updates

Rachel Pryor, NOAA

Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development's (MDARD)   Spill Response Program - Technical advisors for agricultural spills

Mike Wozniak & Jack Knorek, MDARD

Lansing Fire Department, HAZMAT Team

Capt. Ronald Hagaman, Lansing Fire Department
Session 4:
Lunch / Visit exhibitors
Session 5:
Breakout sessions
Benton Harbor I-94 Business Loop Flood Mitigation Due to High Lake Levels

Mark Pribak, Wade Trim
Regional and National Response Team Overview

Jerry Popeil, USCG

Jay Eickholt, EGLE

Michigan Debris and Hazardous Material Staging and Disposal Rules and Requirements

Rhonda Oyer, EGLE, 

Jim Ferrito, EGLE

Session 6:
Break / Visit exhibitors
breakout sessions
Emergency Action Plans – Don’t Panic: Be Prepared 

John Kosnak, NTH Consultants
Michigan Coastal Management Program Pathway to Resilience

Adam Arend, EGLE
Electroplating "Green Ooze" Site on I-696 Response and Long-term Recovery

Tricia Edwards, EPA

Joe DeGrazia, EGLE
Session 7:
breakout sessions
Decoding Tier ll Reports and Emergency Planning under SARA Title lll

Mike Young, EGLE
Threats and Opportunities – Intensifying Coordination and Crisis Communications Efforts in 2022 and Beyond

Ryan Wilkinson, Eaton County EM
A Case Study of a Biocide Release into a Stream

Kelly Tuttle, CTEH

Day 2 June 30, 2022

Session 9:
7:30 - 8:30

Registration and Breakfast and Visit with Exhibitors


Opening Plenary 

Director Liesl Eichler Clark, EGLE

breakout sessions
Simulating a Dam Breach Evacuation for Risk Informed Decision Making

Emily Campbell, Geosyntec
CHEMTREC’s Role During Hazmat and Environmental Emergencies

Joe Milazzo, Chemtrec
Air Quality Division's Role in Emergency Response

Jon Lamb, EGLE
Session 12:
breakout sessions

Planning for Natural Disaster Debris to Increase Community Resiliency

Melissa Kaps, EPA

Climate Driven Disasters Part 1 – Role of State Health Departments

Aaron Ferguson, MDHHS

Julia Field, MDHHS

DNR Wildland Fire Response 

Paul Rogers, DNR

Jennifer Wolf, DNR

Flat Rock Gasoline Release and Recovery

Tricia Edwards, EPA

Joe DeGrazia, EGLE 
Session 13:
Lunch / Visit exhibitors


Session 16:
Breakout sessions

Climate Driven Disasters Part 2 – Role of Local Health Departments

Tom Barnes, Macomb County Health Department

Crisis Playbook- Coordination and Accountability

Nick Bonstell, SEMCO Energy

Gladwin County Dam Failure Response and Recovery

Dan DeVaun, EGLE

Bob North, Gladwin County EM

Jay Eickholt, EGLE

Session 16:
Breakout sessions
EOP, EOC, ICS, Oh My! How to Incorporate all Subject Matter Experts into the Process

Allison Farole, City of Grand Rapids
Chemical Security and the First Responder

David Schmidt, Department of Homeland Security
Response to Lithium Battery Emergencies

Gary Sharp, Hazard 3
Session 16:
Breakout sessions
Hazardous Waste Contingency Planning & Training - Are you prepared for an emergency?

Jonathan Vruggink, EGLE

PFAS Response & Investigations in Northern Kent County

Karen Vorce, EGLE

Dave Wierzbicki, EGLE

EPA’s Disaster Debris Recovery Tool

Jon Gulch, EPA 

Tricia Edwards, EPA

Session 17:
Conference Adjourns



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