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 EGLE provides recordings of webinars and materials from past events for on-demand training.


Drinking Water Treatment Series (March - April, 2022)

Water Distribution Short Course (March 2022)

Revised Total Coliform Rule (RTCR)_and References (recorded 4/27/2022, 71 min)

This webinar includes an overview of the RTCR and explains where to find online reference materials to help community water supplies. Whether you are an experienced operator or just starting out, this will be a good opportunity to refresh your memory or prepare for the operator exam.

Basic Chemistry for Water Operators

Math for Water Operators

Water Distribution Session 1 (Recorded 03/08/2022, 3 Hours, 47Minutes)

Water Distribution Session 2 (Recorded 03/09/2022, 3 Hours, 33Minutes)

Water Distribution Session 3 (Recorded 03/10/2022, 3 Hours, 37Minutes)

Basic information in the subjects important to distribution systems. This course includes topics such as water mains, pipeline appurtenances, safety, regulations and rules, meters, cross connections, maintenance and other distribution system related topics.

Basic Cross Connection - Session 1 (Recorded 02/16/2022, 2Hours, 16Minutes)

Basic Cross Connection - Session 2 (Recorded 02/17/2022, 2Hours, 20Minutes)

Limited Treatment - Session 1 (Recorded 2/22/2022, 3 Hours,00 Minutes)

Limited Treatment - Session 2 (Recorded 2/23/2022, 2 Hours, 55Minutes)

Limited Treatment - Session 3 (Recorded 2/24/2022, 3 Hours, 01Minutes)

Learn basic information on the subjects important to limited treatment systems. This course will address topics including chlorination, fluoridation, phosphate/corrosion control, safety, oxidation filtration, hydraulics, pumps, wells, ethics, miscellaneous treatment, ion exchange softening, bacti methods, monitoring/reporting, rules and regulations.

Michigan Lead and Copper Rule Training

Small Systems Water Operators Webinar Series

Training for operators and owners of small, privately-owned community drinking water supplies across the state. Topics include lead/copper changes, system maintenance, and other issues relative to small drinking water supplies.

Public Water Supplies Operator Compliance Tips (recorded 12/13/21, 79 min)

Construction Storm Water Certified Operator Training / Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control (SESC) Inspector Training (recorded 11/10/21, 93min)

Industrial Storm Water Certified Operator Training - Day 1 (recorded 6/8/21, 1 hr 54 min)

Industrial Storm Water Certified Operator Training - Day 2 (recorded 6/9/21, 1 hr 51 min)

Meet the EGLE Water and Wastewater Operator Certification Teams (recorded 12/16/21, 62 min)

Educational Opportunities for Water, Wastewater and Public Works Industries (recorded 12/15/21, 62 min)

How Wastewater Operators Protect Michigan's Environment and Public Health (recorded 12/14/21, 60 min)


Start: September 1, 2021
End: September 30, 2022
Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

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